My upcycled bedding project

A few weeks ago I attended a Green Villages upcycling workshop, run by Julie Patterson from Cloth Fabric. Julie took us through a process where we were each given a brown paper bag full of fabric scraps. We had to take out one piece at a time and systematically start sewing the pieces together. After an hour we were finally allowed to start making some more aesthetic choices and then start embellishing our squares with buttons, ribbon and the like.
I was hugely inspired! When I got home I convinced my hubby that I wanted to cut up our bedding (which was a little worse for wear after 4 years), and turn it into new bedding! So I removed the middle front section of the duvet cover and patched together various scraps of fabric and old buttons to create a new middle section (while still using the back, top and bottom in pale green from the original.)
I used the same gaudy neon thread that I had landed at the workshop. This is not a colour I would usually choose, but am so glad I did, as it happens to be the colour of the season!
I have never done patchwork before and I wouldn’t call this creation patchwork either… It really is just a patchy-duvet cover! My only expense for this project was one reel of neon pink thread for $1!
I made a duvet cover, redecorated 2 pillow cases, and a scatter cushion. (Above the bed you’ll also see bunting that I made at last year’s Christmas workshop with Julie too.)
So there you have it: I have redecorated our bedroom for $1 … and have even incorporated this season’s trendy terrible neon pink/salmon too!
I’m so excited!


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