Lounge (in every sense of the word)


Lounge (laʊndʒ) a living room in a private house

I love creating a home. Making a space where people can feel loved – a place to belong.

We don’t yet own our own house (maybe one day…) So when we moved into our apartment a couple of years ago, I started an ongoing decorating adventure to turn a modern clean-cut, no-character, apartment in concrete-ville, into a cosy and inviting home… A good friend of mine calls our style Modern-Prairie. I think it’s Quirky-Crafty with a touch of Vintage. Whatever it’s called, its me.

Our lounge room has one grey-brown feature wall. I created a series of small collage artworks to scatter all over it, framed a drawing I had created earlier with an awesome rustic frame, and added a few other oddments into a unique little gallery. Over time this wall has grown, evolved and been added to: white letters for each of our first names, fabric decals, a scrapbook creation made by my aunt for our little girl’s first birthday, a little porcelain painting from Africa… I love our ever-evolving lounge room gallery.

Lounge (laʊndʒ) a sofa or couch

The first project I did when I was given a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine by my hubby for my 30th, was to re-upholster our lounge room cushions.

I pulled apart the existing cushions, but kept the back and zipper-sections (which are from the same fabric as the sofas), and replaced the fronts with a variety of quirky fabrics sourced mainly from Kelani Fabrics. The result: a completely new-looking lounge set for a fraction of the cost, and done exactly to my taste!

Lounge (laʊndʒ) to sit, lie, walk, or stand in a relaxed manner

Over the past few weeks I have been on a journey of rest. Might sound strange since I am still a busy mum, housewife, crafter, blogger, etsy-shop owner and wife. But I have become increasingly aware of the importance of being still and re-focussing on that which is really important – waiting patiently in the midst of uncertainty.

I have this great little day-planner notepad from Kikki K, which I use to plan out my day. I now make a point of scheduling in a few minutes to rest/pray/think/re-focus/re-energise each day when my little person is having her nap… So most afternoons you’ll find me on our lounge listening to music, journaling , reflecting, and well, lounging – A rare commodity I allow myself for a few minutes each day.

Lounge (laʊndʒ) A place where I am right at home – with my man, my daughter, my cat, myself, and my God.


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