50, 51…52 Creative Projects in 52 weeks!

I entered this year creating…. and set out to do so for 52 weeks. Sometimes I lagged behind, and sometimes I ran ahead of schedule. It is the last day of 2012 and I am 95% percent done with my last project (not wanting to wake bub by sewing the last bit!) I can’t believe I did 52 creative projects in 52 weeks! (probably one of very few – if not the only – new years resolution I have ever successfully kept!)

I learnt so many things along the way – about myself, about being a mum, about creative process, and about various crafts:

  • I couldn’t be too precious about my work: a week is a very short time. I had to get started and just keep going. There was no time to be a perfectionist.
  • I found inspiration in the most unexpected places: an old stained tablecloth, a moth-eaten map, a piece of lace, looking at the mist on Cockatoo Island, or cruising down the river in Chicago.
  • It is important to keep filling my creative tank by attending workshops, courses, markets, galleries and op-shops.
  • I love writing! (maybe that Journalism degree wasn’t a complete waste of money after all!)
  • If I don’t contemplate the complexities of a project too much, I forget to tell myself how difficult the projects will be, or that it requires a specialized skill… and so I just do it! (like re-upholstering a kids chair, baking a very fancy-looking cake and writing poetry!)
  • When I work consistently on creative pursuits I am more energetic, enthusiastic and motivated in other areas of life, than when I don’t.
  • I really enjoy stitching things together – especially paper, and fabric.
  • Just because I am a mum doesn’t mean I have to only do macaroni-on-a-paper-plate type art and craft!
  • Doing creative stuff on a regular basis helps me stay happy and healthy and intentional as a mum!
  • It helps to have a hubby who gets how important creative time and space is for my sanity.

Where to from here? Will I do it again? Doing creative projects have become a way of life for me now. I will keep doing it, but maybe take a slightly different angle this time (because I get bored pretty quickly when things get too predictable…)

2013 will see new challenges and projects… I hope to study Graphic Design, and I hope to grow Kettlestitchmama to become a community-space for moms who value their creative process. For more detail about the slant my creative projects will take next year, watch this space…


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