Not long after deciding to do 52 projects, I came across a friend’s post on facebook promising the first five respondents a hand-made item if they posted the same on their wall… thus joining a ‘Pay-it-forward’ movement of sorts. Since I was going to do a project each week, I thought I might as well give it a go and have five people to give some of my creations to. Responses tumbled in quicker than I expected!

I contacted my first five respondents and asked them to email me snaps of their favourite things: accessories, ornaments, home decor, clothing, hand-me-downs, artwork, fabric, jewelry etc. – anything really! I wanted to get a feel for their taste.  I also asked them to tell me about their favourite colour-schemes and if there were any colours, materials, etc that they particularly hate (eg. I hate anything animal print. I have a friend who hates pictures of butterflies).

Over the past year, these are the gifts I created as part of the Pay-It-Forward movement:

1. Mama A described her taste as classic, yet modern … “Audrey Hepburn” … The images she sent were of chandeliers, pearls and big shiny beads around a lamp-base. Since this woman always looks absolutely gorgeous, I decided to make her a piece of Carrie Bradshaw-inspired jewelry.

Of all the crafts and creative projects I attempted during my 52 Creative Projects, this was by far the hardest project I attempted. Little did I realise that merely enjoying wearing jewelry did not make me a jeweler! Making jewelry is so fiddely! It was a good thing I had mum-in-law on hand to help me with this mission!

2. Mama G likes pastel colours, yellow, lace, vintage. Easy! Me too! Since I knew this friend has her hands and heart full with a toddler and a bub, I decided to hand-bind a journal for her – with a vintage dress pattern on the cover – to pour her thoughts, dreams, fears and joys into.

3. Mama N said she like modern things with bright colours. Her house is extremely stylish and classy and I wanted to make something that would go well in her place. I took a while on this one, as our styles are quite different. Then recently I went to a curtain off-cut shop with mum and found the most lovely lush woven fabrics in black, beige and gold and decided to make her a tablecloth for their big diningroom table that features in all their big Jewish celebrations… A perfect house-warming present for her new home!

4. Mama L (yes another mama!) was going through a pretty hectic time after a recent break-up so I decided to spoil her with some home-made soup and a set of stitched stationary to brighten her day.

Unfortunately I never heard back from number 5 as she was busy saving lives (literally!)… One day I’d like to make her something special.

I quite enjoyed doing this pay-it-forward project inside my 52 Creative Projects… I wish I knew what other creative gifts were passed along through this lovely initiative! [If you have been part of a similar movement I’d love to hear your story too!]


One thought on “Pay-it-forward

  1. Hi Cath,
    Dit is nou die oulikste wat ek in ‘n lang tyd van gelees het. Jy is so kreatief en dit inspreer my sommer baie. Ek het die vakansie ‘n vriendin gehelp om haar tuin oor te doen en dit was vir my soos om ‘n prent te skilder.

    So, jonge Dame hou aan met jou kreatiewe idees. Dit is so deel van wie jy is en dan seën jy nog ander mense ook daarmee. Dit is briljant,

    Baie liefde

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