52 Creative Projects

On new years eve this year, I was at home sewing… because being at Sydney Harbour Bridge with millions and millions of people bumping and nudging, yelling and singing, photographing and posing, and clambering over my pram, while fireworks whooshed through the air was something I should have tried before I became a mum! There was no way our little one, (or us for that matter) was going to appreciate being there…

So we had a relaxing night in; bub asleep; hubby watching the fireworks on the big screen and me doing sewing: I had recently bought the most wonderful sewing book called, Liberty Book of Home Sewing, in which I found an easy-peasy pattern for an eco-shopping bag. I cut up a couple of old tea-towels and got sewing!

The significance of entering the new year whilst creating dawned upon me… I imagined doing this more regularly, and just like that I decided to make it my goal: One creative project each week for a year. 52 Creative Projects!

What I didn’t realise was just how quickly a week passes! No time for being pedantic and precious about my creations. I had to simply do it, and move on to the next project. The other thing I vaguely did realise but ignored, was the fact that towards the end of the year, my little girl would have turned into a toddling toddler, and that finding time and energy to create would become a whole new challenge…

Over the past year I have created some pieces I am quite proud of, and others that I was extremely embarrassed to have to post in my Facebook album documenting the project. I tried to use materials I already had lying around the house and kept the spending to an absolute minimum.

The project gained great momentum at times… but was tiring and felt a bit like work towards the middle of the year when the initial excitement had worn off… But I persevered and am so glad I did! I think it has become a bit of a lifestyle for me now: Making sure I prioritise time for being creative… And I’m loving it!

From time to time I will be featuring some of the projects I created in my 52 Creative Projects here on KettleStitchMama. I hope it inspires you to also get started on a creative project or two.


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