kettlestitchmama at a cloth workshop

kettlestitchmama at a cloth workshop

Hi! I am kettlestitchmama, an Afrikaans mum who lives in Sydney, Australia with my best friend, my hubby.  Just more than a year ago, we (yes, it was a team effort!) gave birth to a gorgeous little girl, Belle.

I have always enjoyed creating things: artwork, cosy and beautiful spaces in our home, handmade gifts, hound-bound books and upcycling items that other people have discarded.

Since becoming a mum, the importance of not neglecting that creative side of myself has become more clear to me than ever before…  Although  this is something I already knew from my training in Creative Arts Therapy and Community Arts and Cultural Development,  being a mum has added an exciting new dimension to my creative journey: By looking after my wellbeing through staying creative, I am a more whole and present mama for my little girl too…That is, in a nutshell, what this blog is all about.


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